Responsive UX Playbook

I get asked all the time about my UX process. The problem is, every project is different. To be effective, I can't have just one process. I need a way to deliver top-notch experiences while catering to the project's unique needs. Enter the Responsive UX Playbook.

Kickoff meeting

The responsive UX playbook is broken up into different phases of the typical digital product lifecycle; from strategy to launch. Each phase has a set of "plays" that can be run. You pick which plays you run depending on what the product and team needs. 

This allows me and my teams to focus on what's important and allows me to fit design into a workflow without sacrificing what's important. For example...

Scenario: I’m a designer for a small startup and have a very small budget. Ideally I would perform a minimum of 20 contextual interviews with the three different user-types we’re targeting. The budget doesn’t support travel to users’ workplaces or gifts for users who show up for their sessions.

Let's do an Analytics Review and then Remote User Testing on the areas we're finding problematic. 

Remote testing
Daily scrum stand-up

In addition to being responsive, the playbook also works very well with Agile teams, even those with one-week sprints.

Less experienced designers can use these plays, in conjunction with mentorship, to grow in their roles without heavy oversight.

My playbook has been proven to work in a wide variety of organizations, both large and small.